A creative designer maker, Ria Poynton is striving to become synonymous with beautifully simple and innovative design. Taking inspiration from geometric forms and traditional design methodologies, Ria’s striking pieces are the embodiment of her desire to excel as a modern craftsperson, and pay homage to classical high craft jewellery design.
Having initially studied Three Dimensional Design at the University of Plymouth in Exeter Ria Poynton was the recipient of many accolades and national awards. Through a series of projects involving embedding precious metals into increasingly smaller geometric forms and natural materials, Ria became increasingly fascinated with the creation of small defined mixed material pieces and in particular jewellery design.
As a natural progression to her degree, Ria went on to study design craft and jewellery design at Birmingham City University where she excelled. Winning both the Hans Goldwyn Jewellery design award and the British Jewellery Association Jewellery Quarter Award, Ria continues to push the boundaries of both her capabilities and her designs.
Ria Poynton’s jewellery is carefully crafted from high-grade materials and modern design technologies, culminating in superbly functional and stunning pieces, a delight to wear, and highly sought after!